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Avoiding Emergency Hot Water Repairs

Hot water heater leaks or overflows cause major damage to properties, but damage also comes from drips or leaks.  Insignificant water heater leaks could be indicative of a bigger problem brewing.  The best solution is to avert emergency hot water repairs in the first place.

What To Expect From Your Hot Water Heater

Water heaters last about 8 – 15 years, and a leak or excessive overflow might eventually happen if you don’t have it inspected regularly.

Schedule regular inspections of your water heater and pipes, the overflow pan, and valves. Preventative maintenance hugely reduces the risk of water damage to your property.

Not only will a check be done for leaks and drips but the underside of the water heater will be checked for corrosion and rust.  The overflow pan is checked in case continuous leaking has caused corrosion.

The temperature/pressure valve (TP valve) on your water heater is a safety feature against overly high temperature and pressure.  If it’s not working properly, the tank may explode.

What To Do When An Overflow Occurs

You can spot an overflow at its early stages.  You can take immediate action in an attempt to contain the damage before calling your plumber [insert contact page hyperlink] for help.

  • Put on protective clothing – Wear rubber boots, gloves and goggles and if water is gushing from the heater wear a raincoat for an extra layer of safety.
  • Survey the area – Ensure the water isn’t scalding hot.  Lots of steam is a red flag.  Ensure good visibility and check for submerged power outlets or wires.
  • Shut off the water supply – Hopefully you have ascertained the location of the cold water pipe that feeds water to the heater a long time ago.  It comes from the main water line and goes to the top of the heater.  Look for the valve and turn it tightly clockwise.
  • Turn the heating off – If the heating element is part of the problem, it will not shut of might start a fire.  If your heater is electrical, flip the breaker switch on the power board. If you use gas, shut off the gas line to the heater. If you smell gas, evacuate the house until the air is cleared.

After Securing The Scene

Now that you have done all you can and the professionals are taking action it is advisable for you to document the incident.  Photos of the scene and any damaged furnishings and notes on what happened will be instrumental in filing a successful insurance claim.

Water damage can be devastating as water can seep in everywhere and anywhere.  If the clean-up is not quick and thorough a musty smell from bacteria and fungi will quickly develop.  Permanent damage can be done to your home’s structure.

To avoid emergency hot water repairs contact your plumber today and forward book scheduled maintenance inspections.

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