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When Is The Right Time To Call A Blocked Drain Plumber For Your Sydney Home?

Priority Plus Plumbing Blocked Drains

Is your blocked drain starting to smell bad? Or have you already failed several times at trying to unblock it? Then it’s time to call a plumber.

Almost every household in Sydney has a plunger. And they’re good to use at even the earliest signs of a blocked toilet or kitchen sink. But they’re pretty ineffective when it comes to a blockage deep inside your drain. That’s when you need an experienced plumber who can clear the blockage away and get your drainage system flowing again.

Drain plumbers are trained and equipped with the latest drain cleaning equipment that works effectively on even the toughest drain blocks, where all DIYs have failed. Here are a few situations where calling a plumber is the best decision you can make to get rid of your blocked drain quickly and efficiently:

When Your Plunger Is Nothing More Than A Disappointment

Like most homeowners, a plunger is the first tool you’re likely to grab when you find a blocked drain in your home. They can be quite effective if the block is near the opening of your drain. You just need to put the plunger onto the drain so that it seals the opening with a little bit of water still inside it. For a blocked toilet drain, there are also special toilet plungers with a cup-shaped attachment to create the perfect seal.

Being persistent is the key to using a plunger. Often, home-owners will give up too soon when a few more attempts was all they needed to clear the blockage. But if you notice that your drain is still blocked even after multiple plunger attempts, then you need to call a blocked drain plumber for your Sydney home.

When A Drain Snake Is Not An Ideal Option For You

When it comes to blocked drains, drain snakes or drain augers might come in handy – but only if the blockage is not very deep. With deeply blocked drains, you’ll need something stronger than a drain snake. And you’ll need to stop looking for more DIY ideas. Otherwise, your lack of experience might end up doing you more damage than good.

When You Feel Like Giving Up…

If after trying all these methods your drain is still blocked, then the blockage is too deep inside the drain. It’s time to reach out to your nearest blocked drain plumber without further delay.

Drain plumbers have the specialised drain cleaning equipment to reach deep drain blockages, such as CCTV drain cameras and high-pressure water jetting technology. This equipment can easily remove even the toughest blockages that are beyond the scope of a simple DIY attempt. And what’s even better is that with trained and licensed blocked drain plumbers, there is almost no chance of any damage occurring to your drain while clearing the blockage.

At Priority Plus Plumbing, we always have a blocked drain plumber ready to clear your drain blocks in Sydney and Sutherland Shire. From toilet paper and hair buildup to tree root intrusions, we can remove everything that interferes with your home’s drainage system without causing any damage to your drains.

Have you got a blocked drain? Then give us a call today!



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