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Residential Home – Bellevue Hill, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

This Bellevue Hill plumbing project brief

Priority Plus Plumbing were contractors to CBS Builders for this multi-million dollar residential construction project in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Located in the leafy hills of Bellevue, this retro-style luxury family home spans across two levels and enjoys sweeping views of Sydney Harbour. The owners of the property love spending time at home and wanted the final product to be their own personal sanctuary where they can relax and unwind with family and friends.

This Bellevue Hill plumbing project involved areas of the home that not only needed to please mum and dad but also had to pass the kids test. Spanning both indoor and outdoor areas, our plumbing technicians had no shortage of tasks to complete for this project. 

The outdoor entertainment area consisted of

  • Stone-tiled swimming pool
  • Glass-floored water feature
  • Outdoor patio kitchen

When it came to the internals, we fitted

  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Kids bathroom fixtures
  • Kitchen fixtures

Priority Plus Plumbing needed to show attention to detail right down to the millimetre. With fixtures sourced from all over the world, there was no room for error and no running down to the supplier to grab another part of one broke. 

The building process was slow, however, the final product is everything the clients’ dreamed of…and then some. The result was a home worthy of a magazine photo shoot.

Plumbing highlights from this amazing project

Stone-tiled swimming pool

The inground swimming pool has a zero-entry build with one infinity edge. The drain needed to be set up on the floor of the pool, along with skimmers, weirs and piping that operate in coordination with the pool filtration system. We worked in cooperation with the pool specialists to ensure the correct plumbing was put in place for the specific style and location of the pool.

Glass-floored water feature

A glass-floored water feature runs alongside the swimming pool. One of the main functional purposes of this water feature is to bring more light into the underground storage area beneath the backyard patio. It also serves as an aesthetic feature of the garden when viewed from above ground. We needed to ensure this water feature was sealed properly prior to filling.

Our team carefully undertook tests before filling the entire glass casing with water.

Outdoor patio kitchen

The outdoor patio consists of a wood fire oven, a barbecue area and a kitchen bench top with a sink. Our job was to fit the sink and the tapware in preparing the area for entertaining and hosting guests.

The Bathrooms

Freestanding tub

The black and white tiled bathroom features a freestanding oval tub within a raised floor running along the rear wall of the bathroom. The tub’s chrome mixers are discreetly mounted within a casing that sits behind the tub.

When installing a freestanding tub on a concrete floor, the drain pipes have to run through a channel cut out in the floor along with the plumbing trap. Our plumbing technicians confirmed the exact location of the bathtub with the client, carefully laid the tub aside and cut circular holes through the flooring for the drainpipe to connect to the underside of the bathtub.

We then carefully positioned it into place on the floor, attached the drain pipe and secured the tub to the floor with heavy duty adhesive. The final product was clean and tidy and looks incredible.

Smart toilet

The ‘smart toilet’ in the main bathroom puts a modern spin on the retro theme of the home. The digitally controlled toilet has settings to adjust the seat temperature, activate self-flushing and more.

Our technician installed the intelligent toilet through the floor. He followed the manufacturer instructions and tested the valves for leaks before plugging the toilet into the powerpoint and activating the control panel.


The bathrooms have plenty of natural lighting, the main one containing large windows providing leafy views of the backyard. The walk-in shower provides privacy, through a couple of steps that lead down a sunken floor. This leaves the user out of sight when having a shower.

Priority Plus Plumbing took care of the drain work in the shower along with installing a chrome shower head and mixer. As with the toilet, the shower was also a ‘smart device’ with its own control panel.

Bathroom sinks

Priority Plus Plumbing configured the drainage for the marble bathroom sinks in the main bathroom. Each sink also features a single handle chrome basin mixer.

Kids bathroom

The children have their own kid-friendly bathroom which is personality tailored to their needs. The lowered bathroom vanity has a marble bench top and two above-counter ceramic vessel sinks. Priority Plus Plumbing managed the sink installations along with the installation of the single handle waterfall monobloc basin mixers.

We also configured the kids’ toilet, freestanding oval bath and walk-in shower.


The kitchen sink is located under a garden view window.

Priority Plus Plumbing installed an under bench top sink with the lip of the sink sitting under the sealed marble bench top. We also mounted to the deck, a traditional swan neck ‘monobloc spout’ with a pull-out faucet.

The kitchen sink also features a single handle waterfall monobloc basin mixer, with a disc faucet. 

Backyard Patio - Priority Plus Plumbing

Obstacles that we overcame

This Bellevue Hill plumbing project (and entire project for that matter) required the utmost emphasis on quality and finish. It really was a ‘measure twice, cut once’ job, if we’ve ever done one.

With that in mind, time was an obstacle and project management was paramount in order to keep on schedule and budget.
We also had to ensure that all of the trades maintained excellent communication, especially in scenarios where trades had to work together.

Even managing things like deliveries on a residential project of this scale is challenging. Credit to CBS Builders for running a well organised project. They really were the glue that held it all together.

Street parking can be a challenge around Bellevue Hill, as most of the areas are restricted. This meant we had to keep on top of how long we had been parked somewhere in order to not receive fines from the ‘highly active’ parking officers.

As per usual, throughout the build, there were some fitting and fixture changes that needed to be made. Some of them had to be completely moved to other locations and in one particular instance, we had to move a mixer tap across 3mm because the tap was slightly off-centre to the tile. A very close attention to detail. 

The final outcome

As you can see from the photos, this Bellevue Hill plumbing project was exceptional in every way. Never before has Priority Plus Plumbing partaken in a residential project that was so prestigious and had such granular attention to detail. It truly is an award-winning home of the highest accolade.

From beginning to end, this build took 5 years to complete. To put that in perspective, we have worked on residential construction projects of over eight stories, containing over 80 apartments, that took 2 years.

It’s not that things were slow either. This project was perfect in every way and as they say, ‘Rome wasn’t built overnight’.

Needless to say, the client was extremely happy, the builder was happy and as you can probably tell, we are very, very happy. 

Need a Bellevue Hill Plumbing expert?

As you can see, Priority Plus Plumbing are experts when it comes to high-end homes.

Obviously, this is a very rare project and most homes are nowhere near this scale, however we hope that this case study does a great job of exhibiting the calibre of company that Priority Plus Plumbing is.

Our experience covers everything from residential plumbing (including strata and real estate), commercial plumbing (including corporate office blocks, schools and hospitals, retail, hospitality and industrial work.

If you want to speak with an expert, give us a call today. 

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