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Restaurant Plumbing Project by Priority Plus Plumbing on Northern Beaches

Harbord Diggers, Freshwater, Sydney 

Northern Beaches restaurant plumbing project brief for Harbord Diggers

Priority Plus Plumbing had the task of completing a Northern Beaches restaurant plumbing project within the upmarket Harbord Diggers club in Freshwater, NSW.

The restaurant within the Harbord Diggers is part of a larger precinct that encompasses the club, living, childcare, fitness and an aquatic centre.

Calida building and project management were responsible for completing the internal and external fit out for all works associated with the hospitality on site. The most complex part of Calida’s specs was to provide a hydraulic solution to meet the needs of this specific site.

Priority Plus Plumbing was tasked with completing all aspects of this Northern Beaches restaurant plumbing project, from the fundamentals right up to the interior fit-out including:

  • Basement – Carrying out complete ring mains of the water supply and gas
  • Above-ground pipework – Hooking up all aerial stack work for amenities on site
  • Trade waste – Connecting trade waste to the grease trap provision
  • Interior fit-out – Commercial kitchens including restaurants, bars, cafes

In addition, our team was also required to stay on top of the works schedule and consistently maintain a high level of communication with Calida.

Harbord Diggers project duration

With the main building completed, Priority Plus Plumbing’s role in this Northern Beaches restaurant plumbing project at the Harbord Diggers was fit-out based. We were called in once the main building was ready for the internals to be carried out.

As we did not do the early stage plumbing on the building, there were a few problems that needed to be addressed along the way, which is not uncommon when dealing with two parties. Regardless, the project came in on time and within budget, taking a total of nine months to complete. 

Priority Plus Plumbing’s approach to this project.

Completing a commercial fit out for multiple businesses within a commercial property is a multifaceted project.

We assigned a dedicated project manager on our team who coordinated our qualified and experienced technicians towards successful completion of the project. Staffing was never an issue as we were always able to supply multiple technicians to the site without any fuss through the whole 9 months.

The complete list of areas we covered in this extensive Sydney dining precinct plumbing job was:

• Plumbing drainage
• Gas fitting and trade waste
• Bars
• Cafes
• Accessible toilets
• Male and female toilet blocks
• Commercial Kitchens
• Irrigation system

Priority Plus Plumbing participated in regular meetings and project management tasks with Calida, which was essential in keeping on top of all the changes on site. 

Obstacles that we overcame

The challenge with any large-scale project is sticking to the schedule, managing team members on site and coordinating with other trades and service providers

Our technicians were able to adapt to the changing schedule as needed. We communicated hydraulic changes immediately and captured them on a register to keep the builder up to speed and in constant communication.

Working on a live site meant we needed to know where one trade finished, and the other trade started. This requires a high level of project management and defined roles in order to keep everything running smoothly.

We addressed the majority of these issues through regular communication and documented meetings. Both internally and amongst the other trades. 

The final outcome

This Sydney dining precinct plumbing job was a major project covering various sub-projects and tasks. The whole job took 9 months to complete.

Our detailed planning and execution ensured that the dining venues and bars were opened according to schedule so that the club could start entertaining their members and guests.

We provided Harbord Diggers with quality plumbing products that have helped create a welcoming and ambient atmosphere for the club. Both the client and the builder are happy with our efforts and have given us praise accordingly. 

Do you need a Northern Beaches restaurant plumbing expert?

The proof lies here before you! As you can see, Priority Plus Plumbing are experts when it comes to these types of hospitality related, commercial projects. Our experience and reputation are what regularly sees us win these types of projects.

We also work with residential plumbing (including strata and real estate), commercial plumbing (including corporate office blocks, schools and hospitals and industrial work.

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