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Plumbing Contractors For A Vaccination Clinic

Macquarie Fields | Priority Plus

Reticulating A Hot Water Supply System To Facilitate The Visitors And Health Care Providers

Hygienically built toilet facilities are a prerequisite for all public places, particularly hospitals and clinics. They are constructed keeping in view the special requirements of patients and visitors and to cater to a large number of people on a daily basis.

We recently partnered with On Constructions as plumbing contractors for a vaccination clinic in Macquarie Fields. Here’s the testimony for this 5 week-long project.

Project Synopsis

On Constructions are market leaders in healthcare construction services and are known for delivering high-quality custom fit-outs for all kinds of health facilitation centres, hospitals and clinics. They mainly hired our plumbing services for installing the hydraulic system in the clinic’s washrooms as well as the handwashing stations built throughout the facility.

We were required to install an entire new PVC drainage system for the washrooms by cutting through the concrete slabs and also joining it with the main sewer line in the loading dock. To ensure the undisrupted supply of hot water at every tap, we also installed a hot water system to circulate warm water across the site. Since people differ in their tolerance to hot water, we installed thermostatic mixing valves to regulate the water temperature as per the varied requirements of people visiting the clinic.

Our tradesmen worked tirelessly for about 5 weeks to complete this project since we built the entire system from scratch.

Hand Washing Station
Hand Washing Station

How Did We Manage The Entire Project?

In order to install a new drainage system, the first step was to locate the main sewer line where we could attach the drain pipes. We found it in the loading dock.

As our next step, we outlined the walls for the washrooms and dug out the trenches meant for drainage. We used a concrete saw for cutting through the concrete slabs. Once we were done with excavation, we laid the drainage system as planned, gravelled it and sealed it back. We even made sure to not leave any mess behind and cleaned the area after we were done laying the drainage.

Once the walls were built, we roughed in the cold and hot water supply lines and connected them with the TMV’s plumbed into stainless steel boxes along with water temperature regulators.

Laying The PVC Drainage System
Laying The PVC Drainage System

The reason we chose TMV’s over regular mixing valves is quite obvious. TMV’s are basically used in amenities meant for high-risk people such as in hospitals, clinics, and old age homes, and since we were working for a vaccination clinic; this was the best choice we could have made. As per the contract, we even supplied all the PC (prime cost) items including taps, washbasins and toilet seats for the clinic’s washrooms.

Our first and foremost priority was to carry out the entire project such that it depicts the superior quality workmanship of our skilled plumbing contractors. And we successfully managed to pull it off.

Overcoming The Major Obstacles During The Plumbing Work

The major challenge with bathroom plumbing is to ensure proper drainage so as to prevent water from pooling on the floor. Since we were working on a commercial scale project to be used by hundreds of people throughout the day, we worked on creating an efficient drainage system across all the washrooms and handwashing stations. We also created falls in the bathroom floorings in order to allow the excess water to drain quickly.

Our plumbing work also included the usage of heavy machinery at some points, and we were well aware of the fact that it could damage the foundations of the under-construction project. Therefore, we laid concrete footings to evenly distribute the weight of the machinery we were using.

These were some of the major obstacles that our plumbing contractors came across while working on-site, however, we are glad to have figured out the solutions pretty wisely.


What Would We Have Done Differently If Given A Chance To Start The Project All Over Again?

Since it was a commercial-scale project and we were working on it from scratch, the pressure to deliver on time was the only factor we struggled with. If we were given a chance to start the project all over again, we would have definitely added a few more days to the actual deadline. However, we are quite happy that our skilled tradesmen delivered the entire project on time.

Top Three Things We Are Most Proud Of

Working for On Constructions which is a popular name in the construction industry, our main focus was to deliver the quality that matches with their reputation. While the final results did justice with all the efforts we had been putting in for all those weeks, we are absolutely proud of completing the whole project in such a short time span.

While we were working on the project, there was a strict lockdown across the country. Even then, we managed to coordinate everything accordingly which makes it evident that our tradesmen are well-trained to work in stressful situations. What makes us even prouder is the fact that our plumbing contractors didn’t let all these hindrances affect the quality of their workmanship. This is the power of dedication and teamwork, which helped us in overcoming the obstacles that came our way.

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