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Sydney Restaurant Plumbing by Priority Plus Plumbing

Barangaroo House – Barangaroo, Sydney CBD 

This Sydney restaurant plumbing project brief for Barangaroo House

Located in the newly developed ‘Barangaroo’ region, this Sydney restaurant plumbing project was an important and a very iconic job to be carried out by Priority Plus Plumbing.

This signature restaurant, owned by celebrity chef, Matt Moran is an amazing piece of architecture, which serves as a tourist attraction alone, regardless of its location. The incredible design offers a modern and innovative appearance that like the restaurant, screams creativity.

Priority Plus Plumbing was working for Calida projects on this job, who was contracted by principal contractors, Solitel Building. As you can imagine, this project was a very high-end, Sydney restaurant plumbing fit-out, which needed to tick all of the boxes from WHS certification through to delivery.

It was paramount that the construction program was stuck to as the launch date was approaching. The work had to be done completely to specifications, which had us thinking outside of the box in many situations. There was no allowance for cutting corners, everything had to be done right.

On projects like this, communication had to be consistent. We had weekly meetings and we had to sign off on the progress reports which often involved commissioning. 

Priority Plus Plumbing’s approach

This Sydney restaurant plumbing fit out project required some innovative thinking.

The building’s design is somewhat abstract, which looks amazing but comes with practical challenges. Priority Plus Plumbing had to work closely with the builders and the architects to navigate around the projects intricacies.

To give you an idea of the complexity, Lendlease, who ran the entire Barangaroo project, took years developing the purpose-built Barangaroo House building. From the moment that Lendlease contracted specialist builders, Calida had turned it around within 9 months.

As the chosen plumbing contractors for Calida, we worked alongside them to help them achieve such a great result in such a fast time. We approached this project under the leadership of Calida and offered resources as requested. We communicated regularly and made sure that we were progressing according to schedule all the way. 

Barangaroo House project duration

As the main structure of the building was complete, this Sydney restaurant plumbing fit out took 9 months from start to completion. Priority Plus Plumbing’s team worked tirelessly to ensure that the schedule was on track, which often meant working 6 days a week.

Because plumbing fit out is so heavily dependent much of the time on other trades and service providers, we had to ensure that we were working in with them and not holding up any part of the schedule.

Our attention to the schedule and ability to communicate openly with the other trades was paramount in ensuring that we stayed ahead of the curve and never let anyone down.

We really worked hard to project manage our area of the restaurant fit out to the very best of our ability. 

Obstacles that we overcame

On restaurant fit out projects like Barangaroo House, obstacles are inevitable. It’s almost impossible to avoid problems, which is why it’s so important to project manage well. Our site supervisor did a fantastic job in keeping the job running smoothly and navigating issues as they arose. 

Barangaroo 5

The final outcome

As a restaurant that has been ‘Hatted’ (a global industry award recognition), if things were not operating perfectly, then they need to be attended to immediately.

Since completion, we have had no serious callbacks. The water and gas are running optimally and there have been no complaints from management.

The restaurant is always busy and the customer reviews are glowing, which means that the guest’s entire experience has been good. Although we have nothing to do with the food that is being served, we are certainly responsible for adding to the experience and as a company, that makes us proud.

The builder is very happy with the service that Priority Plus Plumbing delivered and we have been told that we’ll be working with them again in the future. 

Do you need Sydney Restaurant Plumbing?

As you can see, Priority Plus Plumbing are experts when it comes to commercial plumbing projects. This project is obviously hospitality however our experience covers everything from residential plumbing (including strata and real estate), commercial plumbing (including corporate office blocks, schools and hospitals and industrial work.

If you want to speak with an expert, give us a call today. 

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