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5 Ways Reliable Strata Plumbers In Sydney Can Help Property Managers

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A strata property’s plumbing includes an interconnected system of pipes, fixtures and fittings that ensure the smooth flow of water to multiple units. A plumbing problem like a water leak or damaged pipe can therefore affect multiple residences at once, leading to disruptions and water damage.

The plumbing repair and maintenance responsibilities of strata properties are shared by body corporates and the residents. If the problem is internal, like a leaking kitchen pipe, it’s the tenant’s responsibility. But if the leak originates from the main plumbing system, the owner’s corporation will have to be involved. Whatever the problem, strata buildings require specialised expertise because of the complexity and interconnected plumbing system.

If mishandled or delayed, plumbing problems can wreak havoc, leading to water damage to the nearby condos, apartments or townhouses. That’s why property or estate managers need to have contracts with reliable strata plumbing services in Sydney. This will help you with:

Safeguarding Your Reputation

Unhappy or dissatisfied clients means loss of business and money. If you can’t solve your tenants’ plumbing problems quickly and efficiently, this leaves a negative impression and damages your reputation.

Reliable strata plumbing companies have the resources to send in licensed plumbers to address all kinds of plumbing issues quickly and efficiently. Their plumbers also have experience dealing with multiple clients and owners to understand and resolve the plumbing problem with minimum hassle. This makes your job as a manager less stressful and gives you the peace of mind that the plumbing repair or installation will be done correctly with long-term results.

Complete Range of Plumbing Services

Professional strata plumbers have the skills and training to handle a wide range of plumbing problems. They are also familiar with the legislation and compliance involved with strata properties. Whether you have hot water issues, blocked drains or need preventive maintenance, a capable strata plumber has the expertise to fix it.

24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Services

Plumbing emergencies like burst pipes or no hot water can result in angry and frustrated tenants. These problems must be resolved as soon as possible by an experienced strata plumber.

Hiring a reputable strata plumbing contractor ensures that you have immediate service without having to pay inflated prices for after-hours call-outs. Managing around multiple tenants’ schedules and routines can also be a nightmare. Your routine strata plumbers will make allowances and adjust their working hours around the residents’ routine to minimise disruptions and to facilitate them.

Familiarity and Experience

Another advantage of having a long term strata plumber for your property is that they are familiar with your plumbing system. If they’ve been working with you since the beginning, they know the current condition of the plumbing system and can get to the root of the plumbing issue quickly. This saves time and hassle for you and your residents, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Preventive Maintenance

Strata plumbers help you to stay on top of plumbing maintenance with scheduled plans that include repairs, flushing out drains, and internal pipe leakages.

Scheduled plumbing maintenance plans are a cost-effective measure that prevent plumbing issues before they happen. They also save money and remove the stress that comes with these issues.


Priority Plus Plumbing has over two decades of experience with strata plumbing and general plumbing services. If you’re looking for licensed and expert Sydney strata plumbers near you then give us a call today.



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